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What‘s the meaning of life? Yep, that‘s a biggie. Time of My Life with Laurence Mozafari is a fun and thoughtful interview podcast asking - and trying to answer - some of life‘s biggest questions with help from remarkable people who have already lived it. In a society that obsesses with youth, this podcast aims for a frank and honest conversation to capture the knowledge, anecdotes, and observations from some of the world’s most remarkable elders, including Only Fools‘ star Sir David Jason, Mr. Motivator - aka Derrick Evans MBE, Bridgerton‘s Adjoa Andoh, Star Trek legend George Takei, and former Countdown host, Nick Hewer. Laurence is a journalist, podcaster, and presenter from the UK who has a very close relationship with his nan, it was this relationship, and a viral article sharing the most common life regrets that inspired Time of My Life. What if you could capture that kind of wisdom much earlier? Encapsulate all of those pieces of advice and wonderful stories from people schooled in the university of life, so that everyone could benefit. We’re all going to get older, but this series aims to treasure remarkable people throughout their journey, so we can all benefit from their knowledge. Let’s dive in and collect their pearls of wisdom. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laurencemozafari/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Laurence_Moza TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@laurencemoz Support the podcast: https://ko-fi.com/laurencemozafari Music Josh Ferrara - The Chaps: http://www.thechapsband.com/

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Sunday Oct 17, 2021

MR. MOTIVATOR! This man is a ball of energy, even now at 68-years-old. Derrick was full of brilliant, honest anecdotes and mantras, and it's impossible not to feel incredibly energised after chatting with him. Laurence Mozafari spoke to him about his fighting through homelessness, prejudice, and many more challenges to get his breakthrough, as well as a collaboration with Idles and festivals, and how to stay motivated and fit while we're working at home.

Sunday Oct 03, 2021

Nick Hewer was Sir Alan Sugar's right-hand man during a decade on The Apprentice, before moving over to host Channel 4's Countdown. He's now handed over the reins to Anne Robinson, so Laurence Mozafari interviewed him about what's next, his work with Fairtrade, how to launch a business in the post-Covid world, and of course, the biggest question of all: what is the meaning of life?

Sunday Sep 26, 2021

You'll likely know Adjoa from her role in Netflix's mega-hit Bridgerton, and soon she'll been starring in The Witcher season 2. She's also appeared in Invictus with Morgan Freeman, Line of Duty, and many more. Laurence Mozafari chats with her about Bridgerton season 2, representation, religion, supporting trans kids, and the meaning of life. You can watch her incredible Tedx Talk here.

Sunday Sep 19, 2021

Star Trek legend George Takei aka Mr. Sulu speaks with Laurence Mozafari about being held prisoner by the US government with his family, despite being American, and just for being of Japanese descent. He discusses his political and LGBTQ+ activism, the best advice he's ever been given, and his Star Trek future. He explains how he's somehow still a viral sensation at 84, and of course, what it takes to live long, and prosper. 

Sunday Aug 22, 2021

Sir David Jason aka Del Boy from Only Fools and Horses, Granville from Open All Hours, and Detective Jack Frost from A Touch of Frost. Laurence Mozafari interviews the legendary actor on Time of My Life about the importance of money, memories of Only Fools, and whether it could be rebooted, as well as the all-important big question: what's the meaning of life?


Laurence Mozafari

Laurence is a journalist, presenter, and podcaster from the UK. He hosted Obsessed with Peaky Blinders on BBC Sounds and is currently the Editor at Digital Spy, the UK's biggest TV and movies website.

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